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One of the things that I enjoy about looking at an app for the first time, is the interest in how the coder decided to make his interface look. Just because I think everyone likes to look at what other people have done, I've grabbed screen shots of all the apps I have tested...

Some of them are very detailed, most of them use a second pop-up type window for their configuration type settings, and of course, you can see that some of them are strictly set up by the command line. All of these apps gave the correct answers, and when you get down to it... That is all that matters.

So in alphabetical order... Enjoy...

Pierre's app was the first one I ever received that would take advantage of CPU Hyper-threading or operate across a network. This image shows the server app running with it's status, as well as two clients running slaved to IP address There is also an HTML monitoring program that can be brought up on a remote machine, that provides some useful status information.